Air Stapler Guns

At GPT Tools, we proudly offer powerful and reliable air nail gun tools for both home handypersons and professional tradespeople. From carpentry and roofing through to furniture manufacturing and much more, our air powered nail gun tools are suitable for many different applications. Backed by one year warranties, you can rest assured that our air nail gun tools and air nail gun staples will get the job done.

Our Selection of Cheap Air Nail Guns

When you want cheap air nail guns for your workshop, we have no shortage of options available for you choose from. Our range includes:

  • 3 in 1 Air Nailer Gun – A highly versatile tool that’s useful for constructing wooden houses, cages, fences, enclosures and more
  • 3 in 1 Flooring Nailer – Comfortable and easy to use, featuring an ergonomic design that causes less fatigue and delivers a great finish
  • 16GA 2 Stapler – Powerful and lightweight, featuring a trigger lock safety mechanism that stops operators from accidentally firing the gun
  • DAJ Air Nail Gun – Suitable for manufacturing furniture and assembling cabinets, this lightweight air nailer gun features trigger locks for safety and more

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  • Model: XAGD50/9040/T50 
  • Dimensions: 247*57*236mm (9.72"*2.24"*9.29" ) 
  • Weight: 1.33kg (2.93lbs) 
  • Operating Pressure: 60-110psi (4-7.5bar) 
  • Fastener Length/Capacity:         
    • T nails: 19-50m (3/4"-2")/80pcs     
    • F nails: 10-50mm(3/8"-2")/100pcs     
    • Staple: 13-40mm (1/2"~1-5/8")/100pcs     

Power Energy: 137    


$ 190.00 $ 275.00

  • Die cast aluminum/magnesium body ,with long handle for easy operation 
  • Well balanced hardened driver blade for a longer life 
  • Ergonomic design less fatigue 
  • Composite base to eliminate scratch 
  • Damage to the surface of the wood 
  • Mallet, blow mold case is included

16GA 2 stapler

In Stock (2 Left)

$ 149.00 $ 150.00

  • 360° Adjustable Exhaust Directs Air Away From Face
  • Trigger Lock Mechanism Prevents Unintentional Firing For Safer Operation
  • Powerful And Light Weight
  • Tool Free Depth Adjustment
  • Quick Release Latch To Easily Clear Jams Quickly

DAJ 21Ga.1/4-5/8 air nail gun

In Stock (2 Left)

$ 60.00 $ 65.00

  • Trigger lock for safety.   
  • Light weight  
  • Applications       Upholstering       
  • Cabinet assembly         
  • Furniture manufacturing