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  • Throttle trigger, designed for control cutting speed.
  • Locking switch, it is foldable for moving and transportation.
  • Rear end adapter for cutting off saw.
  • Front end adapter for cutting off saw.
  • Depth adjusting wheel


Water Cart, No-EHS-350C (Saw Not Included),


  1. Throttle trigger, designed for control cutting speed.
  2. Large volume water tank with 12 L. providing dust-free working environment, Cooling your expensive blade directly, longer your blades working life.
  3. Locking switch, it is foldable for moving and transportation.
  4. Rear end adapter for cutting off saw.
  5. Front end adapter for cutting off saw.
  6. Walking wheels made by solid rubber providing stable operation, cutting lines Precision is guaranteed.
  7. Depth adjusting wheel

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  • Model: No-EHS-350
  • Water container: 12L
  • Adjustable Depth: Yes
  • Locking Switch: Yes


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